Coronavirus, is it affecting the Table Top/Board Game Industry?

Many customers have asked us if the Coronavirus is having delays in the board game industry. Though the Coronavirus is having negative effects all across the world, the table top/ board game industry appears to be growing. While others have shut down, we have taken caution at our facility to limit the chances of any issues. I’m glad to say that we have not been negatively impacted by the times, we have actually seen better demand with an large increase in requests for quotes to have games made.

We are not sure long term how it might change things in the future. Currently with everyone staying at home, the demand for Board Games & Card Games, Table Top Games appear to be on the rise.

Games are a great way to get friends and family together to create memories. Host a party and let the fun begin. Take photos to capture the memories. Keep your parties limited to the number of players and maintain a clean game play area that all can feel safe. Encourage others to practice cleanliness. Until things are more settled and clear, have each player bring their own dice and any other related pieces to use. Play a Trivia game that has a dedicated reader with a neutral, unbiased interest.

Do you have a game that you’ve created recently or that you’ve been working on and put away in the closet? Now is a great time to get your game concept professionally Designed & Manufactured. Contact us for Game Design through or complete our Estimate Form for a free Game Manufacturing quote. Let us help make your dreams come true, we’re Making Great Games!